From Break-In Bust to Business Boost: My Detroit Security Success Story with Metro Protective Services

As a business owner in Detroit, MI, I’ve always been concerned about the safety of my employees and property. After researching various security companies, I decided to give Metro Protective Services (M.P.S.) a try, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision.

From the moment I reached out to M.P.S., I was impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. They conducted a comprehensive Security Analysis of my premises, identifying potential vulnerabilities I hadn’t even considered. What really stood out was their commitment to customization – they didn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but instead tailored their services to my specific needs.

The security guard assigned to my business exemplified everything M.P.S. promises in their screening process. Not only was he a U.S. citizen with a high school diploma, but his interpersonal skills were exceptional. He quickly became a friendly face for my employees and customers while maintaining a vigilant watch over the property. I was particularly impressed by his initiative – he often suggested improvements to our security protocols that proved invaluable.

One incident truly highlighted the value of having an M.P.S. security guard in Detroit, MI. Late one night, there was an attempted break-in at my business. Thanks to the 24-hour coverage provided by M.P.S., our guard was on-site and able to deter the intruders and promptly alert the local authorities. His quick thinking and thorough training undoubtedly prevented what could have been a significant loss for my business.

The level of training M.P.S. provides its guards is evident in their day-to-day performance. Our guard’s ability to lead in crisis situations while also working collaboratively with our team has been remarkable. He’s always open to feedback and continuously strives to improve his service.

Another aspect of M.P.S. that I appreciate is their use of cutting-edge technology. Our guard is equipped with state-of-the-art communication devices and surveillance tools, which greatly enhance the overall security of my business.

What truly sets Metro Protective Services apart is their leadership. Knowing that their CEO brings over two decades of law enforcement experience as a former Deputy Chief of Police in Wayne County, Michigan, gives me confidence in the company’s capabilities and standards.

In conclusion, my experience with Metro Protective Services has been nothing short of exceptional. Their commitment to providing elite, customized security solutions is evident in every aspect of their service. If you’re in need of a reliable, professional security guard in Detroit, MI, I wholeheartedly recommend Metro Protective Services. They’ve not only met but exceeded my expectations, providing me with peace of mind and allowing me to focus on running my business without constantly worrying about security issues.

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